Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi all!!
Suprised to see a lazy bum like me getting in blogging? Especially Divya and Lakshmi will be wondering the most coz I am too lazy to write (even my resignation letter was written by the 2 of them;)).
The Delhi heat has not got into my head. I am perfectly fine. The reason why I got into blogging is one, my blog is going to be mostly about FOOD ;) Two , simple I am jobless and I have ample time for all these crap ;)
I am a big foodie. Love cooking as much as eating. My first post is gonna be a bit of a bore coz all I am going to do is thank few ppl who made me realise how much I love food.
First and foremost SP!!! My PG friends. The whole lott used to be a big foodie. Lunch used to get over in an eye flick. At gangothri 9 hands used to dig into a single plate of bhelpuri.

And then comes Pinky my bessi bumchum lol ;). There is not a single eat out in bessi that we havent gone to. From chocolate truffle in cakewalk to salad in jelly belly we have indulged in everything.
Subhashini and Veda, while the former loves food and cooking and makes me relish the latter makes me feel very guilty. She has this pencil figure and all she needs to do when she is hungry is stare at the food and she ll be full.
How can I forget my dad, bro and Manoj. They have been my guinea pigs ;) jus kidding !! Love cooking for them. They have always appreciated even the little things i do (though I know they dont have a choice ;))
Mom and Paati coz I learnt everything from them.
The recipes that I post here are mostly not original. These are the once I found in another website, blog or cook books . I just try them and alter it according to my taste and convenience.
(So only the tried, tested and victorious ones gonna find its way into the blog, not the disasters ;))


  1. captain!!!! salute!!! chance illa... this's d 2nd biggest shock (d way u told me dat ur wedding's been fixed remains d biggest shock)
    d sandwich does trigger lots of nostalgic moments :( miss ya...
    keep up d good work... 'll help ppl like me in future!!!

  2. Aish!! Super po!! Happy blogging!! :))

  3. Hey! We've been hearing about your awesome cakes and cookies!! Please put up recipes and i'll give you feedback once i try them out!! (i don't have an oven yet, btw)
    so rice cooker/tawa/kadai friendly recipes will be appreciated :D

  4. @la - lol;)
    @rt-thanks da :)
    @radhika - ;) yea ll try but cookies witout oven not v sure but nxt post is going to b a no bake cake:)

  5. Kalakura Aishu !!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Blogging.. Naanum konjam cooking kathukuren... Now a days I dont just stare at the food but eating them too !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  6. @ Veda
    We can believe only after seeing you in person. ;-)

    @ Aishu
    Very thankful to you ! Any doubt in receipes, you are there to help. :-) We shouldnt stop with this. In the future, we should open our restaurant "PANS". :-) :-)

  7. Aishu!!! :D wat a yummy blog!! :) feel so jealous of manoj and karthik!! ;) get your ass here soon! we gotta hit high on caffeine! i'll do the drinking part, you do the eating! :)

  8. lol sure keep urself free!!! may end should be oorusuthifyin ;) wit u guys!!!