Sunday, August 8, 2010

Custard & jelly :)

Custard is a fabulous make ahead dessert. You can have it with jellies, jams, fruits, nuts or even caramel . You want it set in little moulds or  want it to be creamy , want it hot , want it cold??  Anything is fine. Thats why I really love custard.

I prefer vanilla flavoured custard as it goes well with all the toppings. Raspberry flavoured jelly and freshly cut mangoes make excellent toppings. This colourful dessert is easy to make and thought this time around ll set it in small mould (u can use small glass or steel cups too). Its going to have 3 layers- custard, fruits and jelly.

serves  - 4

  • Milk    -  500 ml
  • Custard powder   - 25 to 30g
  • Fruits    -  1 cup (mango, banana, apple)
  • Almonds  - 1 tbs (chopped, optional)
  • Jelly  crystals - 1 packet ( I used raspberry flavour)
  • Sugar - 50g
  1. Take 30 g of custard powder in a bowl. Add 1/4 cup milk from 500ml milk to make a smooth paste.
  2. Boil the remaining milk. Add 50 g ie 3 tbs sugar and the paste, cook for 2 mins ie till it thickens (keep stirring to avoid lumps).
  3. Remove from flame and pour it into the cups/moulds ( fill only till half full).
  4. Then add a layer of fruits.
  5. Make jelly according to the instruction given in the pack. Pour it over the fruit layer.
  6. Chill for 2 hours.
  7. Garnish with nuts/ cheeries/ candied fruits/ wafers/ whipped cream. Serve.

For better results, set the jelly using little lesser water than whats given at the back of the pack.
Usually, only 25g of custard powder is needed for 500ml milk but when you are setting in moulds add 30 to 35g.
This can be made into a trifle by having a layer of cake and jam at the bottom.


  1. i wish i cud check a box that says love it!! chance illa aishu miss 'll try this one out for sure... :)