Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruit bowl :)

Salads are simple, easy to make and very healthy. I enjoy both fruit and  vegetable salads. This time its going to be a double post. First a fruit salad, then  a veggie salad.


Pears have started coming here so tried  apple, pear and kiwi salad. Its a  refreshingly tangy salad with a slight hint of spice (pepper).It tastes better if it is chilled before serving.

serves 2

  • Apple       -  1( medium sized)
  • Pear         -  2  small/ 1 big
  • Kiwi         -  1 
  • Lemon     -  1/2
  • Pepper    -   1/2 tsp
  • Salt          -  a pinch
  • Sugar       -  1 tsp

    1. Chop apple, pear and kiwi.
    2. Add lime juice, pepper, salt , sugar and mix.
    3. Chill for at least  half hour, serve.

    Instead of pepper and sugar, honey (1 - 2 tsp) and cinnamon(1/4 tsp  powdered)can be used.
    For  better taste use ripe fruits.
    Chopped nuts especially almonds can be added for the extra crunch.

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